Wikipedia and the failure of democracy

Wikipedia is undoubtably the most used free online encyclopaedia of our time. Anyone with internet access can write and change Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia applies the ‚democratic‘ principle to knowledge. “That’s a great thing!”, many people might think.

But shouldn’t we be alarmed? For those familiar with the thoughts of 3D Nation, certainly know that democratic principles will not work well for knowledge or science, which are part of the spiritual life dimension (D1) of our society.

And for those asking for empirical evidence, there are numerous critics and documentaries  showing that Wikipedia is intentionally used by private people and organisations to represent certain knowledge in a distorted way. That’s the end of science – and truth.

Wikipedia is shared information, nothing more.

Serious encyclopedia respect the principle of supremacy, of mastery. The democratic principle is wrong there and needs to be limited to the political life dimension (D2) of society.